Emotional Freedom Techniques • Practitioner Candidates (AAMET Level 2)

Taken concurrently with AAMET Level 1

Take your EFT skills to AMMET Practitioner Candidate Level standards.
In this highly interactive workshop, participants will develop an understanding of, and a practical application of advanced practices in Emotional Freedom Techniques. This intermediate level EFT workshop will prepare the practitioner to immediately begin using these advanced techniques to facilitate rapid healing working with others within current scope of practice.

Course content follows the syllabus of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) and covers:

•Review of Foundational EFT Concepts
•Rapport skills and the use of intuition
•Ethical concerns and scope of practice

•Advanced work with psychological reversals
•Additional tapping points and techniques

•Introduction to trauma
•Techniques for working with traumatic memories
•Advanced techniques for working with pain

•Uncovering and clearing Origins - Core Issues
•Introduction to the use of positive choices
•Clearing negative beliefs and learned limitations

•Testing Results
•Delivery methods - EFT by telephone, Skype
•EFT in group settings • "Borrowing Benefits"
•EFT for children
•Surrogate tapping

Before the Level 2 certificate can be issued, an online exam must be passed. Practitioner Candidate participants are also required to submit a minimum of three (3) case studies (one of which must be videotaped or presented in person). Case studies must demonstrate an in-depth exploration of issues and competent use of techniques. Practitioner candidates must also submit documentation of fifty (50) EFT sessions.

Disclaimer: Many of the individuals around the world who use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) consistently report remarkable relief from emotional and physical symptoms, as well as dramatic improvement in sport, music, and educational performance. Although EFT is producing excellent clinical results and is rapidly gaining in scientific support, it must be considered as experimental, and, therefore, is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment.

Individuals who participate in workshops, seminars, or individual EFT sessions will be required to sign a statement of informed consent, accepting responsibility for their participation. Although there is no guarantee of the remarkable results so consistently reported, it is our hope that you will benefit from using Emotional Freedom Techniques.