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Energy Psychotherapy

Many of us - now, more than ever - are being plagued with difficult emotions experienced either directly or indirectly as a result of the times in which we live. The war in Iraq, destructive hurricanes, the unstable economy, the threat of terrorism at home, and the constant sensationalized media coverage all contribute to the daily anxiety experienced by adults and children alike. Many of us are searching for effective ways of reducing anxiety, depression and other difficult emotional states in order to maintain stability and good mental health.

Energy Psychotherapy is an expanding field that makes use of several dynamic, effective, "user friendly" therapeutic techniques based upon a renewed understanding of the body's bioenergy systems.  We now know that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body's energy. These techniques and multi-dimensional modalities heal emotional issues, and many physical ones at their source - the body's energy*.  They provide rapid, effective, often permanent relief from many physical problems and most psychological problems - without retraumatization, the need for emotional catharsis, or the use of medication.

*Gary Craig, Founder, Emotional Freedom Techniques

To view a YouTube video of Larry King and Dr. George Pratt, click on the image below:

Click here for a list of i ssues that have been successfully treated with energy psychotherapy.

Click here to view a Slideshow Presentation on Energy Psychotherapy (1:52 min. • 3.5 MB)