Host an Energy Psychotherapy Training Workshop in Your Area
Receive free tuition and/or earn extra $$$ for yourself or your professional group
Individuals or groups may wish to organize Energy Psychology workshops in their local area as a way of minimizing travel for participants and to make the training more accessible to several colleagues in a geographical region. In exchange for finding space and organizing the three-day training, the organizer will receive free workshop tuition.

If the idea of scheduling a workshop in your local area appeals to you, Nancy is willing to work with you to make it happen:

  • Gather a group of 6-20 participants (including yourself). Nancy will provide you with an e-mail list of individuals in your area who have contacted her with interest in attending a workshop.
  • Secure an appropriate workshop space that will accommodate the number of participants.
  • Provide refreshments for the group at your own expense and discretion.
  • Provide Nancy with travel and overnight accommodations for up to four nights (for three-day workshops). (Not necessary if within thirty miles of Saco, Maine or Demorest, Georgia.)
  • All participants will receive a certificate documenting fourteen (21) contact hours for training in eliminiating phobias, addictive urges, and traumatic memory.
  • Contact Nancy
Small-group training sessions can be arranged in homes, office
suites or other suitable smaller venues

If you or a group would like to host a large-group training in your area, Nancy is also an experienced presenter to conference-size audiences.

If you wish to organize training for 20 or more participants, you or your group can secure appropriate workshop space, make all of the arrangements, advertise and promote the event, etc. Regardless of the number of participants Nancy charges a flat fee for these workshops.
Contact Nancy

Large-group training sessions can be held in local hotels, community centers, or church function rooms.
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