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The Energy Modalities Dynamic Energetic Healing

Dynamic Energetic Healing (DEH)

Energy is the basic foundation for everything; matter, water, air and fire. Everything, animate and inanimate, has a distinct energy field. When we work in that field with intention, energy shifts. Chinese Medicine and Quantum Physics, as well as many spiritual traditions, provide the theoretical bases for DEH. The basic purpose of the individual energy field is to support health and well-being…allowing emotional and physical symptoms to dissipate.

From the theological point of view energy is Spirit. From the medical point of view energy is chi, the Chinese term synonymous with energy flow or life force. From the scientific point of view, energy is an electromagnetic field and the foundational form for air/gas, liquid and matter. From the psychological viewpoint, energy is thought form. The work in Dynamic Energetic Healing™ draws from all of these areas to transform thought form for healing.

Dynamic Energetic Healing uses fourteen Chinese Medicine meridian points at places on the body where energy meridians (lines) overlap. These points used alone are from Emotional Freedom Techniques. Participants in DEH learn these self administered acupressure points, as well as frontal occipital holding, from Touch for Health, Tapas Accupressure Techniques, chakra balancing, from Hindu and a variety of indigenous traditions, sound in many forms, guided imagery and Manual Muscle Testing from the chiropractic field. Permanent change for emotional, mental and physical conditions occur by shifting specific energy fields at current life, conception/birth, ancestral and karmic origins.

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