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The Energy Modalities Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a simple, elegant and profoundly effective EFT technique developed by Karl Dawson that focuses on inner parts of one’s self, and other times when important life-altering decisions were made. It is not a new version of Gary Craig’s classic form of EFT, nor is it a replacement for it. It is a powerful enhancement to the EFT Movie Technique. Matrix Reimprinting is intended to add another dimension to the work by getting back to early traumas that created pictures in our mind, from which were created negative core beliefs and learned limitations. It gives one the opportunity to dramatically alter current well being by literally rewriting the past and transforming the future.

The basic EFT tapping sequence is still applied, but the protocol is quite different because we now have a new “client” which we call “ECHO”. The ECHO or Energetic Consciousness Hologram is an energetic representation of a younger version of the self that is frozen in time – similar to an “inner child”, a phenomena that occurs when, energetically speaking, part of our neurology “splits off” in order to isolate traumatic events that were unbearable to the conscious mind due to the lack of emotional resources at the time. It is part of the energy system that is stuck – locked in space and time. Subconsciously these memories are current events, and people spend their whole lives listening to these “inner children” and their mistaken perceptions.

We work with the ECHOs by stepping into the picture at the time of the traumatic memory. Then, with a combination of creative visualization and EFT, the client is able to remove the emotional intensity from the traumatic memory. Matrix Reimprinting helps not only by clearning the trauma held by the ECHO, but also by encouraging client-driven reframes. These reframes allow for wisdom to be gained from past clients, thus empowering the client to access new resources by literally rewriting the subconscious pictures from the past. Matrix Reimprinting is especially effective when working with clients who have:

• dissociated from the original trauma
• internal resistance
• lots of reversals
• chronic issues that resist healing
• chronic pain or illness
• any severe trauma

View a video where EFT Master Karl Dawson describes Matrix Reimprinting using EFT. Click here