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The Energy Modalities Comprehensive Chakra Therapy

Comprehensive Chakra Therapy

“A Chakra is a center of force within the body that is a connection point between metaphysical and biophysical energies. In Hinduism there are seven basic chakras. They correspond to different areas of the body and different desires and spiritual growth.”  Answers.yahoo.com


The goal of Chakra Therapy is to access our vital life force energy, sometimes called “chi”, in a way that connects us with our Divine essence.  Through this mind/body/spirit modality, healing can occur on all levels. Comprehensive Chakra Therapy is used to reduce stress, anxiety and grief, ease depression, heal traumatic memory, support physical healing, align with soul’s purpose and change limiting beliefs to life-supporting beliefs. 


There is a very simple, non-invasive energy protocol for dealing with the above-mentioned issues.  It involves the use of intention and visualization while sending energy to the chakras, holding and applying gentle touch or pressure to the chakras corresponding to the presenting issue or limiting belief.  This process is especially useful in addressing negative core beliefs and learned limitations.


Comprehensive Chakra Therapy utilizes more than just the energy protocol.  Each chakra has a specific therapeutic approach that can be augmented with physical exercises, yoga postures, meditations, breathing exercises, and daily practices.


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