What others are saying about energy psychotherapy...
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I have to tell you that the Matrix Re-imprinting technique is completely effective. It was night and day from before that session to afterward. I no longer am tormented by the imagery I witnessed. I am noticeably calmer about all of it and am pretty much back to normal. This was true within the first week after working with you. I went from feeling completely swallowed up by inner-hysteria and depression, to feeling light, relieved, and at peace with things. Roni from NH

It is always amazing, as now, to feel and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that energy has shifted in some dramatically helpful way.  It's as if some of the sludge in my brain was washed away, allowing it to WORK, for a welcome change.  Marian, Oklahoma

"I enjoyed the high quality of the presenter and her personal involvement with each participant. Thank you very much". Irena

Thank you for all of your help.  I am really getting a lot out of our sessions.  I feel so happy and blessed to have met you. Jennifer from Georgia

"Nancy has helped me understand how easily energy can be shifted.  Any emotion can be obserbed and transformed.  Her techniques are proven to be valid and  work for me. I continue to use these techneques and am thankful to have been introduced  to Energy Psychology process." Cindy, New Hampshire

A day seldom passes without me noticing the amazing impact of the two years of work we did together. I have deep gratitude for my healthier existence. Tricia

"My Energy Psychotherapy work with Nancy have given me back The Dance of Life.  I am so grateful."  Helen, Maine

"Some exciting news. I have been able to tap away my shoulder pain from an 8- 1 and keep it gone for 5 days now....I have been tapping on it for a year...it has gone from knife jabbing pain, to a dull presence...so I am thrilled...I believe undoing the belief that EFT didn't work for me, was critical..." D.B. from NC

"Thank you for this excellent experience (referring to Workshop: EFT Level 1). I will use this daily! I like the blend of data and experience and learn much better that way." Alice from Maine.

"I'm beginning to get a sense of what true emotional freedom might possibly be like....My days flolw more smoothly and I feel a measure of true happiness such as I haven't felt in years." Anne from Vermont

Your seminar was so helpful.  You seem to live what you preach and that matters.  You were lively and caring in the way you communicated with a real sense of love for your subject and the people you were teaching.  You have a gift.  I am so happy I came and heard you personally rather than just read about EFT or watched DVDs.  There were so many little things you shared along the way that reinforced what was in the Manual and/or embellished it.  The anecdotal information was invaluable as well as your on site demonstration.  So many principles were solidified and imprinted because of the experiential nature of these teaching modalities.   Lynn from Michigan


I was listening to your "Cutting the Ties" CD and I must tell you - it's simply great. Your voice is very high up-scale professional, yet entirely loving, safe and inspiring to my soul. H from Hawaii

 I wanted to thank you so much for the amazing session.  You helped me clear probably the biggest and most pervasive block to happiness, success, and achievement that I have had with me my entire life.  In all the memories that I have, I never, ever remember being able to do any sort of constructive, fulfilling project or goal that wasn't mandated through school, etc.  Now I can see that changing.  Isn't that amazing?!  Things have opened up for me in a way I never thought possible.  I will be forever grateful to you for the powerful work that we did, I can't thank you enough! Rachel from Israel